Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween 2011

I learned that you cannot carve pumpkins with goats around.
Why didn't I consider this? The goaty girls held no regard for this festive ritual.
I found it hilarious, the hubs and kids did not.

On Halloween night we were invited on a hayride. This was a legit Texas hayride.
We traveled all over Winnsboro aboard a trailer lined with bales of hay. We stopped at Sonic (Texas style) and ate grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries. We drove through back roads, passed hay fields, dairy farms and small grave yards. The moms prayed that no one fell off, the dads road in the truck telling high school glory stories and the kids inhaled their candy.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

School Performance - Sophia

Awhile back (I forgot when), big sister had a school performance.  It was way early for a school play so the Gigi couldn't make it. But I was glad daddy could join the fun.
4th grade sang songs about self-responsibility.  It was so great I cried.

Can you believe this doll is only 9?

Nate Turned 8

Back in September our Buddy, Big Guy, Nathan, turned 8! We celebrated with a sloppy cake and a wonderful visit from Grandma & Grandpa (all the way from California).

Lots of nature walks and snuggling occured during this visit.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We finally got some rain yesterday. Not enough. But we were grateful for the bit of respite from the heat.

The whole state of Texas is suffering from a drought.
Growing up in southern California we were always in a drought. But it meant nothing to me. Actually, I did feel guilty when leaving the hose water to run down the driveway.
Here in farm country drought is real and gravely effects everyone. My neighbors haven't been able to grow food for their animals. And around here, animals are income. For the last few weeks hay has been trucked in from Colorado, doubling the average price. Horses are being given away because they're too expensive to feed. At the livestock auction last week they were auctioning-off over 3,000 head of cattle.
My neighbor had to sell over 200 of their herd.
The ground is crispy under our feet. Throughout my pasture the earth has cracked open; begging for water.
We are thankful for an afternoon thunderstorm. But we need so much more.

Monday, July 25, 2011

There's a fella at the farmer's market who is earning money to buy a washing machine.
He paints buckets.

I think I know the girl painted on that bucket.
We've outfitted the pots with handles to use as egg collecting pails.
Drake the Duck is new to the farm. He was given to us by the plumber.
The rest of Drake's flock had been abducted by coyotes.
He is happily recovering with us. He fits right in.

These are my girls, Nigerian Dwarfs Misty and Sally.
I'm searching for a suitor buck to knock them up.